TThe truth of our history has started in a small
warehouse rented by Mr. Hüseyin Yazgan in Karşıyaka, İzmir.
The year was 1943 and the first workers of this winery were Jewish foreman
Yuda and wine master Azerbaijani Zahurbek…
Although furnishing was simple, the passion was great: 3-4 oak barrels, a grape
mill working by manhandling, a hand press and a lift and force pump…
According to the Turkish Monopoly’s inventory book, first amount of production
was quite clear: 23.148 liters…
At the end of 3 years, capacity has reached up to 132.750 liters and the wines that
were bottled with demijohns of 26 liters were served to cabarets by horse-drawn vehicle.
When our wines were awarded in a competition organized by Turkish Monopoly Administration
in 1950,our founder Mr. Hüseyin Yazgan has decided to edit the first label and
the wines are started to sell in bottles..
Easy to propose, but difficult to accomplish…
Today we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of our history….
We keep on adding new pages to our book of history by virtue of our production
capacity going beyond 5 million liters, our modern “Winery”, our vineyards that we
have deemed as if our children from the first day and our product range deserving many prizes…
Now, it is your turn to say “many happy years” …